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What is Myomassology:

"myo" means muscle, "mass" is short for massage, and "Ology" means the practice or study of. Therefore, Myomassology means " the practice or study of muscle massage".

Massage is the manual manipulation of soft tissue. It relieves tension and pain, improves circulation and movement of lymphatic fluid, increases blood flow to tissues. It softens, lubricates and lengthens muscle fibers and increases joint mobility and range of motion. Myomassology uses Swedish massage as well as integrates other modalities and forms of massage into the massage. Focusing on whole body wellness and is considered the more holistic form of massage. Each and every massage is tailored to each individual and each specific area of pain or problem. At the beginning of every massage will be a brief discussion and a custom treatment plan will discussed.


Myomassology was created by a group of LEADING US MASSAGE THERAPISTS AND EDUCATORS at their annual conference in hot springs, Arkansas in 1972. It was created as a result of their decision to include the ancient healing arts in their training and scope of practice. From then on, other bodywork modalities such as Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Tuina Chinese medical massage, CranioSacral therapy were taught and included in Myomassology massage training, as well as myomassology massage techniques and leg balancing and hip balancing.


CRT (Contraction Release Therapy):

Is a protocol of treatment designed to meet the individual needs of each client. This deep tissue work relieves painful, sore, aching knotted muscles and can also help correct conditions such as "Apparent Short Leg Syndrome" or rotator cuff injuries.  This is a deep tissue technique that relieves painful muscle conditions and corrects muscular imbalances where ever they occur in the body and always addresses the problem at the source.

Prenatal and postnatal massage:

During pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period, a woman experienced many changes to her body. During pregnancy, the woman's body is ever changing and growing to make way for the life that is growing within. During this time she may experience many aches and pains due to the added blood volume, her expanding hips and the shift in weight towards the front of her body. This can also be an emotionally stressful time for the expecting mom who is now worried about the future for her and her baby and worried about things like how will she get by financially after baby is here and will she be a good mom. Massage is important for the expecting mother as it can ease tired and aching muscles, relieve some of the stress on her bones and joints, and help with emotional stress. It is extremely beneficial in the third trimester and can even help a woman who is over due relax enough to send her into labor because it is the emotional stress that can hinder her from going into labor. Massage also increases blood supply to the muscles, reduce edema and assist in relieving insomnia just to name a few of the many benefits.

Postnatal massage is also extremely beneficial. A woman's body goes through so many changes during labor and delivery and can leave her extreamly fatigued and sore. Please ask about on site/mobile postnatal massage, where for a small fee I will bring the massage to you. *must be 2 weeks postpartum to qualify 

Chinese Fire cupping is one of the most ancient form of recorded body work techniques known to man. It was created in China thousands of years ago and is still practiced today. Fire cupping stimulates the circulatory system and brings in rich oxygenated blood to the area and floods the muscle with lymph fluid assisting in lactic acid removal.

Many fear fire cupping as it is perceived to be painful and hot. It is neither if done right. The marks left behind are not bruises they are hickeys. And the fire is used inside the cup very quickly to change the atmospheric pressure to form a vacuum when the cup is applied to the skin. There is several different types of cupping such as stationary cupping where the cups will stay in one place from anywhere from 10-20mi or moving cupping where it is more of a relaxing massage. Fire cupping can be a stand alone treatment of a half hour or an hours treatment or can be incorporated into a regular massage. It has many benefits and uses, one being sciatic relief. Please ask about fire cupping at your next appointment and I would be happy to show you a demonstration.

Foot Reflexology:

CranioSacral Therapy:

Tui Na:

Hot Stone Massage:

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